ਪ੍ਰਥਮਰਹਿਤਯਹਿਜਾਨਖੰਡੇਕੀਪਾਹੁਲਛਕੇ॥ ਸੋਈਸਿੰਘਪ੍ਰਧਾਨਅਵਰਨਪਾਹੁਲਜੋਲਏ॥

Akal Purakh Kee Rachha Hamnai, SarbLoh Dee Racchia Hamanai

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Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Harinder Singh (IP Logged)
Date: December 25, 2007 03:45AM

Found this article
source: [www.panthic.org]

I feel this article brings forward an extrmely crucial issue. The khalsa schools and colleges have just become a joke. The administration of such colleges is so corrupt and greedy that even corrupt administrations of non sikh educational institutes will feel shy in front of them. In punjab too, so many colleges are opened by SGPC which are A COMPLETE JOKE(they have no recognizition and no value). There is so much corruption. To become a lecturer, u need to either have money or some safarishh.
I feel that the MAIN reason for the current halat of sikh youth are schools and colleges. Thats where kids from sikh households get spoiled, amritdharis get patit. I have some "amritdhari" students in my college. Well, they wear caps, hide their sri sahib beneath their clothes, tie their beard, do haha hehe with girls, watch late night shows of bollywood movies with girls, never get up at amritvela and i doubt they ever do their nitnem too.

There is URGENT need to set up sikh educational institutes run by NAAM JAPPAN VALE GURSIKHS. Ideally I feel sikhs shud set up madarassas like muslims do where english and bit of elementary mathematics can be taught later on but the type of sikh parents we have today, they will call a person like me completely mad, extremist and taliban. So if not madarass, atleast set up schools and colleges where TATT GURMAT is taught alongside modern education. I feel this shud be the TOP PRIORITY.
I heard some good things about Barru Sahib. Though its better than these fake khaalsa schools and collleges but even their u have high fees, safarish, jealousy, politics, sant-vaad, students cutting their hair after passing out. Barru Sahib people just do great marketing of their school but sabb door te dhol suhavnnee ne. Naam drirh ton binna khuaari hee khuaari hai.


Re: Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Xylitol (IP Logged)
Date: December 25, 2007 11:08AM

are you sure about all these negatives that you're saying about Baru Sahib??

A jatha from Baru Sahib once came out to do kirtan, there were rather young yoouth, some loooking like they were 11 years old, doing raag kirtan with traditional instruments. They also did dhaadi vaar.


Re: Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Harinder Singh (IP Logged)
Date: December 27, 2007 04:43AM

I heard their dhadhi vaars too, they were pretty good. But its a known fact that many of their pass-outs cut their hair, they will themselves acknowledge this I guess. Moreover children there are just FORCED to live a sikh way of life.
Also, the fee, the fee is so high that even a middle class person(forget the poor ones) in India cant afford the school, lots of Nris do come there as fees is not an issue for them.
Lots of kids from rich jatt backgrounds do study there, they just wear kirpan, listen to punjabi songs,remove their kirpan after coming from school.
They over exploit their teachers too, many of their teachers are south indians who get ready to work for less pay and loads of work. Many of their teachers leave as soon as they get a better option.
I personally thought of teaching in their engineering college but knowing these things, I decided not to.
IN Short, Barru Sahib is better than those fake khalsa shools, but then there are lots of loop holes and decent assar of maya there too. We need schools where Tatt gurmat is given preference, schools where even poor sikh kids can study. If Gurdwara TApoban Sahib starts to offer moderen education,that will be an ideal sikh school,i hope u understand what I am tryin to say.
Sikh schools shud be producing zabardast Naam Jappan valle singhs and singhnees and not just mediocre amritdharis.
Bhul Chukk de maafi bakshanni


Re: Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Xylitol (IP Logged)
Date: January 04, 2008 12:53PM

they claim to offer free education for those who cannot afford it.


Re: Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Harinder Singh (IP Logged)
Date: January 05, 2008 01:38AM

They might be offering free education to poor students or orphans but the number of such students isnt that much.They are rich people, have crores of rupees. If u have 100 crore and u spend 20 lakh on poor or orphan kids, is that a big deal? its just a marketing stragedy to get money from NRIs.People in Punjab make a fool of nris and collect money from them using khalistan issue, free schooling for poor, orphans, free marriages of poor sikh girls etc.sab door te dhool suhavnne ne.There are very few people who give their all for the sake of the upliftment of panth. People like Bhai Sahib Fauja Singh Jee, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee, Baba Jarnail Singh jee khalsa are a very rare commodity. Most others just act panthic but in reality are just making things easy for themselves and their families. Money, fame, foreign trips, cars, people calling u baba jee, people giving u great respect, calling u singh sahib jee etc etc etc. When the time for shaheedi comes, such people become underground, lol.


Re: Khalsa schools and colleges have become a joke!
Posted by: Xylitol (IP Logged)
Date: January 07, 2008 11:32AM

Do you have any evidence whatsoever against Baru Sahib and other schools managed by the Kalgidhar Trust? Or are you just nitpicking based on a rumour or the case of an individual kid? Perhaps people need to read this article by Mr. Sikhnet to get some perspective.


To this point I had heard the name "Baru Sahib" and Akal Academy, but knew very little about the organization and what their schools were like. Before Baba Iqbal Singh arrived I was talking with someone else in the room who was telling me about the school and how boys and girls dressed exactly the same (not being able to tell if the person is a girl or boy). I also heard that there were no mirrors in the whole school (I think to prevent vanity/ego/self consciousness). I wondered how they tied their own turbans. Then later on Babaji was telling all of us about the school and how the senior children start their morning at 12:30am in the morning and finished their Amritvela sadhana at 4:30am! He went on to describe how the children were very well behaved and obedient and that many of the graduates of the school have achieved a lot in life. He "painted" a picture that appeared too good to be true as if it was a sales pitch of all the good things. I couldn’t imagine kids this way. In my mind I started wondering if the kids were happy there, or if they felt repressed or forced by their parents to become the "perfect Sikh". (Keep in mind, these thoughts were not based on any real experience except for hearing a few things about the school and talking with two students for a few of minutes). I remember going to boarding school in India and being punished harshly if I was late for Gurdwara or didn’t wake up for morning Sadhana. It wasn’t a positive experience for me and many others (Though, I turned out OK, didn’t I?) Maybe this was why I was thinking about the school in this way because of my own experience in boarding school.

In relation to the school program It was interesting as I watched my mind and the thoughts that came into my head. I started to think critically about some of the things and how extreme/strict the school sounded in some areas. I thought about how a school like this probably wouldn’t be possible in western countries because of the cultural differences and less obedience. I remember when I went to boarding school in India (1983-1993) all of us "western" kids were the biggest troublemakers. Most of the Indian kids did as they were told, but it was the apposite for the western kids. Being raised raised in America was a huge cultural difference. It was natural for us to question authority, and "stand up for our rights" as is a big part of the American history. This created a very different atmosphere for the teachers and the school to deal with.

Anyways, my point of bringing this up is not to poke at Akal Academy or look for fault. In the process of the day I started evaluating why I was thinking certain things and realized that this was very much like how people react to "3HO" or so called "American Sikhs"/yoga/Yogi Bhajan. It normally starts with someone knowing little (or nothing) about us, and then hearing some tid-bit of information from someone, and then a critical judgment follows. I think another factor is that when someone appears to be doing something good (especially in the religious world) people are often critical of them (especially if they are doing something more disciplined then them self). I was surprised to watch my thoughts being critical without any real reason or much interaction with these people. The main issue was that I perceived them as doing something different than my experience as the "correct way". To me this is the crux of all the criticizing and judgment (especially in the Sikh communities!). Everyone has their own understanding and opinion about how something should be done and what is right and wrong. Many of us are raised and taught differently. I consider myself very open minded, so was a bit surprised by my initial feelings and wanted to delve deeper into what was triggering these thoughts. The positive thing is that I was conscious of this and felt like I was watching my thoughts on a television, and able to evaluate why I felt this way.

you can see the rest of the post on his website.


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