ਚੁਕਾਰਅਜ਼ਹਮਹਹੀਲਤੇਦਰਗੁਜ਼ਸ਼ਤ॥ਹਲਾਲਅਸਤਬੁਰਦਨਬਸ਼ਮਸ਼ੀਰਦਸਤ॥੨੨॥ (ਸ੍ਰੀ ਮੁਖਵਾਕ ਪਾਤਿਸ਼ਾਹੀ ੧੦॥)

Akal Purakh Kee Rachha Hamnai, SarbLoh Dee Racchia Hamanai

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Posted by : Jarnail Singh Arshi Gyani
Date: 7/23/2004 8:36 am


It is an undenaible fact that HISTORY is always written by the VICTORIOUS . Have you come across any history book written by the LOSERS ??

Any one "stupid enough" to write for the LOSERS ?? About how they were massacred, men women and children tortured and finished off, their homes and properties bulldozed...tires put around their necks and burned... TO side the losers and write about them means knowingly buying the ENMITY of the WINNERS.... who in his right mind would want that ?? Writing glorious words about the victorious would earn friendshaip and get honours as well as monetary gains.... That is WHY the entire HISTORY of Man and His Civilisation is ABOUT the VICTORIOUS, For the Victorious and BY the Victorious...

Only once in a while does the World Stage see the appearance of a BRAVE SOUL like GURU NANAK.... who has the Courage and stamina to write the WHOLE TRUTH, NOTHING but the TRUTH..."Sach sunaisee sach ke bela" Ang 722 SGGS

The "history" as we know it regarding KRISHAN and MAHABHART/BHAGWAD GITA... RAM CHANDER and RAMAYAN.....
The FACTS: Ram and his brother Lachman molested SARUPLATA the Virgin Sister of raavan and cut off her nose without any REASON. Then Raam killed Bali by treachery and gave his wife away to SUGREEV..
Raavan takes away SITA BUT doesnt do anything against her will and definitely DOES NOT MOLEST HER or otherwise upstage her modesty....keeps her in his prison with honour..
Raam gets back SITA and puts her THROUGH AAGNII TEST...Test of FIRE and proven INNOCENT still punishes her by sending her to the Jungles...
Raavan ( ten heads symbolise his IMMENSE WISDOM - that is equal to TEN HEADS put together) becomes the RAAKASH, the VILLAIN burned till today in Effigies...and RAAm becomes the BHAGWAAN, the DIVINE...why ?? because RAAVAN LOST and RAAM WON..

Now to the other history..... DURZHODAN is the RIGHTFUL RULER but he is unceremoniously DEPRIVED of His RIGHT and removed.... KARAN the Elder Blood brother of the PANDAVS and a illustrious and brave warrior is put to death in a treachorous PLOT...and ARJUN a COWARD is made the HERO of this war... DHARAM PUTTAR speaks lies, plays JOOA gambling.... LOSES his palace, money, even HIS WIFE at gambling.... BUT REMAINS "DHARAM PUTTAR"...KRISHAN uses FALSEHOOD, kidnaps RUKMANI and several other ladies for "dicine pleasures"... steals the clothes of Bathing Ladies.... BUT He is the VICTOR and so all these are his " CHOJ" Durjodhan and Karan are LOSERS and so are despised.... Krishan and Arjun are VICTORS and so all their Paps, wrongs, kidnapping, molesting etc are all GLOSSED OVER in History of the Victors... The Pandavs are Winners so whatever they did is JUSTIFIABLE and CORRECT..

Now Moghul Raaj..... see how in Tuzike Jahangiri the Emperor defends his horrendous tortures and DEATH of GURU ARJUN....a Man of Total PEACE and HUMILITY the likes of which the World has never seen before...Guru Teg bahadur was sacrificed at the Altar of Religious Freedom.....but read what the Muslim Historians have to say to justify this horrendous Crime against HUMANITY....What happened to GURU GOBIND SINGH JI and His family, mother at the hands of the RULERS ?? KAZI Noor Mohd called SIKHS - "DOGS"... but when the SIKHS won and became the Victorious RULERS...BULLEH SHAH appeared and wrote" Mughalan zehr piyalae peetey..Bhurian waleh RAJEH KITEH"..that si the Moghuls are drinking vials of posion now that the Sikhs have become Rulers.. Just a few years before the SIKHS were murderes, robbers, terrorists....and then suddenly they became BAHADUR, WARRIORS...Lions. Shah mohammed writes: Jang hind Punjab da hon lagah, Patshahi faujaan doven Bharian neh.... and Shah mohamda SINGHAN ne gorain de waang nimbuuan lahoo nichor sutteh"

For nearly ONE THOUSAND YEARS the HINDU was REVILED as LOW, THIEF, useless no good piece of **** , KAFIRS, SLAVES, and subject to all kinds of Taxes etc .by the Moghuls and Islamic Sultans... EVERYTHING was FAIR and SQUARE because the Moghuls were the RULERS....TODAY the same HINDU is VICTORIOUS and RULER of INDIA...and whatever they DO is FAIR and SQUARE....

For even MORE than a thousand years the HINDU ARYANS RULED the Dravidians and made them SHUDARS... a life of SLAVERY even worse than ANIMALS with NO RIGHTS whatsoever.... and all this was judged CORRECT in the Name of RELIGION, KARAM PAAP PUNN etc etc.... Using Education and Power even after destroying the SHUDARS the Khatri-Brahmin is still HOLY, Paap free, and suitable for HEAVEN.... the Poor Shudar without money knowledge or power lives a life of DRUDGERY in this World and can only look forward to NARAK (HELL ) in his next life. ( because he has no money to DAAN, no knowledge to read the Holy Books, and no time to DO good deeds. so From One HELL into ANOTHER in a continuing Circle is HIs DESTINY............ LOOKS like even GOD is on the Side of the Victors ONLY.... WHY should he also side the LOSERS ?? Why should GOD help the LOSERS ??

Now we come to BRITISH RAAJ..... during the British raaj all thsoe who fought against them..suffered terribly, hanged, tortured, jailed....BUT not a word escaped...to the British these were MURDERES, TERRORISTS, TRAITORS.... to US they are DESH BHAGAT, SHAHEEDS...

BEFORE 1947 both Sikhs and Hindus were SLAVES... so the Hindu treated the Siksh diffferently.... AFTER 1947 the HINDU became the RULERS of India... while the Sikhs LOST everything.....Lands, gurdwras, millions of LIVES, EVERYTHING..... so what HONOUR could these LOSERS get from the VICTORS who were Now the RULING CLASS and not slaves ?? EXACTLY what the SIKHS GOT and are still GETTING. TODAY the SIKHS are weak in every aspect... The Punjab has been looted of its Electricity, Water, Capital City, language, Religion, ... the slightest PEEP and you get POLICE ACTION, LATHI CHARGES, JAILS..... a stronger PEEP...and you get Tanks and Cannons, CRPF, ARMY, 200,000 Young People brutely killed, a Whole NATION brutalised and GROUND into the GROUND !!! What happend to the Descendants of bota singh garja singh, sham singh attariwala, hari singh nalwa maharaj aranjit singh, akali foola singh... what happeend to the AKALI DAL ??? Army of AKAL ?? For a FULL FIVE YEARS the AKALI DAL ruled Punjab..... not a single peep about Punjab Rights, waters, electricvity, capital... the moment Captain Cae to Power and Akali dal LOST.... PUNJAB RIGHTS woke up in badals mind????? Could anything be MORE PHONY ??

The EDUCATION in the Country is under the control of the VICTOR - how can we expect them to write our HISTORY CORRECTLY ?? All text books, syllabusses will be produced and taught according to what the VICTORS WANT and DESIRE our Young to know... HINDU LINE OF THOUGHT is supreme..no other can or will be allowed to survive... GURMATT shall NOT be allowed to surface.... ALL the Universities are producing "sikh Philosophy" ACCORDING to HINDU PHILOSOPHY ONLY...GURMATT will not be allowed any independence... we are WEAK and a weak person is NEVER RIGHT ( even when RIGHT)....MIGHT is always RIGHT. So far only one book basd on genuine Sikh Philosophy... JAAT PAAT condemned in "SIKH REVOLOUTION" by Dr, Jagjit Singh

Those who should be in the FOREFRONT of this REVOLUTION...are only interested in holding huge nagar kirtans , Khalsa Marches, Akhand Paaths, Kirtan darbars...400th Anniversry of Guru granth...IN AMRITSAR.. 500th Gurpurab of Guru Angad Sahib jee.. IN KHADOOR SAHIB...300th Anniversy of Khalsa in ANADPUR SAHIB....Amrtisr to patna Train march, Amritsar to lahore march... Amrtisar to Panj piyara villages March...MARCH MARCH MARCH into OBLIVION...as the KAUM sinks deeper and deeper into KARAM KAAND, PAKHANDS, JANTAR MANTAR, SPECIAL PAATHS, .....and goes from SANT/BABA to SANT BABA looking for INSTANTANEOUS FAVOURS, FILFILLING OF WISHES, ARDASS ANSWERING.... all SHORTCUTS without the drudgery of doing nam japp, Keeping Rehat. And the Mahapurashes keep this Rotian karen pureh taal going for more money golaks cars, thaths, palaces, deras...selling HOLY MUD, HOLY AMRIT, HOLY ASH, HOLY BEADS, whatever.....

to be continued.... POWER OF ARDASS

Dass jarnail Singh